I made a joke yesterday on the rape article that was just awful. I realized my folly two minutes after posting, but when I went back to edit it down to nothing it was already gone. I've been in the grey ever since. » 11/08/13 11:34pm 11/08/13 11:34pm

So maybe the guy just doesn't like the wired feeling he gets from regular coffee. If it's not interfering with his duties as a ref, we probably shouldn't be losing our heads over it. » 11/01/13 11:56am 11/01/13 11:56am

Last year I somehow convinced myself that they had a shot at maybe a 5 seed in the East. This was pre-Bynum never playing. This year I realize that they are going to get knocked around quite a bit, but in all honesty next year could be pretty good. They'll get Noel active, obviously have a relatively good draft pick,… » 10/31/13 10:58am 10/31/13 10:58am

If Boston is a "college town," then so is Philadelphia. So your same excuse should apply to Philly whenever someone comments on the behavior of the fans there. » 10/31/13 9:29am 10/31/13 9:29am